The Passion Of The Playboy Riots


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Friday 1st December – 7.30pm
Saturday 2nd December – 7.30pm
Sunday 3rd December – 7.30pm
Monday 4th December – 7.30pm
Tuesday 5th December – 7.30pm
Wednesday 6th December – 7.30pm

The Passion of the Playboy Riots highlights the role that the Abbey Theatre in Dublin played during the years surrounding the Easter Rising of 1916 and the origins of the IRA. The play is based on the published writings of WB Yeats and Lady Gregory, the founders of the Irish Literary Theatre and Patrick Pearse, a school teacher and the first leader of the rising to face the firing squad

Writer – Neil Weatherall
Director – John Dunne
Producer – Cameron Bell
Stage Manager – Cameron Bell

W.B. Yeats – Neil Weatherall
Lady Gregory – Alma Reising
Patrick Pearse – Justin McKenna