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memorial of time the lion and unicorn theatre
Memorial Day Of Time

22nd September»23rd September

Memorial Day of Time creates a multi-sensory theatrical experience for the audience, experimenting with the five senses and the language of movement. The creatures of the ‘time forest’ will come out and greet the most curious mortals with a feast, not of worldly delicacy, but of pieces of cooked time, time that had gone from the future into the past

Dreamwrit The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

30th September»

Dreamer Smith charts Aliens, time-travel and possible worlds in search of love, but realises the only way to truly attain love is by waking up. But the dream is not the only fiction he is a part of...

Blink The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

7th October»8th October

Blink is an unusual love story. A story of loneliness and grief. A story of two awkward humans coming together in their own unique way. Blink is a funny, dark and surprising exploration of what human connection means in a digital and voyeuristic age

Degenerate Fox The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
Degenerate Fox

19th October»20th October

A collection of thirty original, ever-changing and always honest plays, and a valiant attempt to perform them all in just one hour.
Degenerate Fox create new material to add to the Menu each week, creating an ever-changing smorgasbord of theatrical delights. These plays could be anything – comedy scenes, dramatic monologues, intricate dances, games, songs, experiences, and stuff there just isn’t a definitive name for

Corner Boys

23rd October»26th October

By John McKenna. "...It is about a small town with no way out, no work, and no prospects for the three guys, they are dead-end guys yet smart-asses too but that’s all bravado which becomes clear in the second act of the play. Underneath their hard-chaw talk are desperate lives.”

Sholom Aleichem In The Old Country
Sholom Aleichem In The Old Country

30th October»25th November

The British Premier of Saul Reichlin’s latest adaptation of the stories of the great Sholom Aleichem (Fiddler On The Roof). Sell-out
performances Off Broadway, Amsterdam, Cape Town. ‘Wisdom, irony and wit...a rousing success’...New York review...caroleditosti.com

The Cut The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
The Cut

29th November»1st December

Paul, a government employee, is a cog in a bureaucratic machine. Day after day he administers The Cut — an ancient, violent procedure — in secret from his wife and daughter. When Paul is faced with a unique patient, his sense of purpose is shattered. Who will pay the price after centuries of oppression? Do we heal through redemption or retribution?