Family Theatre:The Nutcracker

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Tickets: £8 Children/£ 10 adults/£32 Family of 4

Sun 2 Dec: 2pm and 4pm
Sat 8 Dec: 12noon and 2pm
Sun 9 Dec: 11am and 2pm


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30 Children plus 3 Teachers £ 180

Tue 4 Dec: 11am

Wed 5 Dec: 11am and 1.30pm

Family Theatre: The Nutcracker

On Christmas Eve the toymaker Drosselmeier gives Marie and Fritz a traditional nutcracker in the shape of a soldier. Captivated by this strange little wooden figure, Marie stays up extra late to settle him down in the toy cabinet. As the clock strikes midnight the Mouse King appears with his mouse army, and challenges brave Nutcracker to a fearsome battle. And then the most magical story begins to unfold…

A retelling of E.T.A Hoffman’s classic Christmas tale for children aged 4+ and their friends and families. Jellyfish Theatre Company (The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast), return to The Lion and Unicorn with their brand new show. Funny, accessible and inspiring. (But NOT a ballet!)

‘The Nutcracker entertains adults and children alike and provides some seasonal fun’ ★★★★

Jellyfish Theatre Company specialise in adapting classic tales for young children and their latest effort, The Nutcracker, does not disappoint.

Adapted and directed by Sarah Simpson, this (non-ballet) production has fun playing with the conventions of such adaptations, for example we literally see a story within a story book. The four actors energetically play multiple roles, and find it easy to make the young audience warm to them with a singalong before the main action begins in earnest.

The challenge with such pieces is trying to convey the essence of the original story, retaining some complexity whilst keeping little people with short attention spans engaged. Simpson does this well by using a variety of forms and techniques crammed into the short show, which lasts just over an hour. We see singing, the actors playing a variety of musical instruments, puppetry, storytelling, audience participation and, for some reason particularly frightening for my six year old, a silhouette show.

Like Jellyfish’s adaptation of The Jungle Book earlier this year, the actors play animals too, something especially popular with my four year old, with Hannah Harris as the Mouse King a particular favourite.

The Nutcracker entertains adults and children alike and, with us entering the festive season, provides some seasonal fun. Well worth a visit.

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