SparkFest is the realisation of an exciting and dynamic festival from Bath Spa University’s Field of Music and Performance. Here we present a few highlights from our bright and brave programme of live performance from creative graduates of Bath Spa University with support from the Alumni Office

SparkFest London

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Monday 23 July

2pm: Rise


Monday 23 July

7.30pm: One Wish

Monday 23 July

9pm: Seeing What Sticks


Tuesday 24 July

4pm: Rise


Tuesday 24 July

7.30pm: A Cactus Named Lewie

Tuesday 24 July

9pm: Normal

Wednesday 25 July

6pm: What You Sayin’ ?

Wednesday 25 July

7.30pm: Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

Wednesday 25 July

9.30pm: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plebs

Thursday 26 July

7.30pm: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plebs

Thursday 26 July

9pm: What You Sayin’ ?

2pm Mon 23rd July & 4pm Tues 24th July 2018

Tickets: Full £10 / Age 16 and Under £ 5

Come with us on an immersive and empowering storytelling experience about universal women who have each taken courageous journeys. Their influences and endings are probably the most remarkable of all. We’ll fly across the skies with Amelia Earhart, sail the seven seas with the Pirate Queen and fight for education with Malala Yousafzai. They are all hidden in the dark, but can we give light to their extraordinary lives.  Can we kick their truth out there?

Created and Performed by Kick It Theatre Company

One Wish
7.30PM 23rd July 2018

Tickets: Full £10

Actor and Creator Leah Brine brings you One Wish, an immersive experience of storytelling told by one woman.

One Wish is a storytelling adventure that looks into why we wish; what we wish for, how we wish and why we should never stop wishing. It uncovers the history of wishing, the magic of tradition, the excitement behind closed eyes and the necessity of holding on to hope.

An intimate piece that will leave the audience with a wish in their mind and hope in their heart

Seeing What Sticks
9PM Mon 23rd July 2018

Tickets: Full £10

Seeing What Sticks is a comedy sketch show featuring three funny guys, just seeing what ideas stick…

Armed with only our wit and good looks – well, at least our wit – we hereby cordially invite you to join us in one of our favourite pastimes; laughing at ourselves. We’ve poured what may be the entirety of our comedic talents into a series of sketches and monologues. Come along and laugh with, or even at, us; as long as you’re laughing we go home happy.

Created and Performed by Inbetween Jobs

A Cactus Named Lewie
7.30PM Tues 24th July 2018

Tickets: Full £10

David is like any ordinary 24 year old whose been to university, found the love of his life and got the T-Shirt to prove it until one day a life changing event will see his life take a turn for the worst. This original piece of tragicomedy created by Joshua Gray and Jacob Ruddle explores themes of depression, remembrance and hope. Prepare to laugh and cry as you witness a man at his most vulnerable and a Cactus named Lewie.

Created and Performed by Fluorescent Productions

Normal by Anthony Neilson
9PM Tues 24th July 2018
Tickets: Full £10

‘Normal’ is a claustrophobic, darkly comic account of the final days of the real-life German serial killer Peter Kurten – The Düsseldorf Ripper. The year is 1931 and Kurten, convicted of the murders of 9 people, including children, is on trial. He meets Justus Wehner, an ambitious and naive young lawyer, who is hired to defend him in court. Wehner’s goal is to prove the murderer is insane and to save him from death penalty. But Kurten refuses to allow such a get out…

Come and join us for a drink or two on the 24 of July at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre and dive into the intimate feast of senses, passions and brutality- all conveyed through the beautiful and provoking language of Anthony Neilson’s Normal.

What You Sayin’?
6pm Wed 25th July & 9pm Thurs 26th July

Tickets: Full £10

What is really going on in our heads? What if our thoughts were physical and uninhibited? What would we say if there were no restraints or consequences? ‘What You Sayin?’ explores our mind’s hidden humour, inner conflicts and utilises language, poetry and musicality in attempt to find individual expression.

Created and Performed by 7or8 Theatre Company

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness
7.30PM Wed 25th  July
Tickets: Full £10

An Englishman, an Irishman and an American are locked up together in a cell in the Middle East. As victims of political action, powerless to initiate change, what can they do? How do they live and survive?

Performed by Under One Roof Productions

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plebs
9:30PM Weds 25th July & 7.30PM Thurs 26th July

Tickets: Full £10

The story of two men sent on a quest to help their dear friend Hamlet, who meet a band of Tragedians and a mysterious Player…

But who are they, where are they, and why are there so many hats? They’re just two absurdly comic, hat swapping, guilder flipping plebs!

Created and Performed by The Raymondos