Small Traumas

Small Traumas

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Monday 18th December – 7.30pm

Tuesday 19th December – 7.30pm

A show about love, miscommunication and responsibility, using the songs of the late, great Leonard Cohen. This series of playful vignettes tackle yearning, isolation, and hope; a series of small traumas against the backdrop of a modern world in an identity crisis. ‘And isn’t it just the cherry on top, of everything.’

A man leaves his life behind to become a Siberian monk. A person telephones an old flame to talk about Leonard Cohen’s death. A father mourns sadly, a sister mourns wrongly, a mother worries. A woman discusses the right way to have an orgasm. A teacher considers reporting a student for radicalism. And where is Suzanne in all this?

Written by Jesse Haughton-Shaw and Kay Dent as Blue Guitar Theatre
Directed by Jesse Haughton-Shaw
Produced by Rebecca Gwyther for Blue Guitar Theatre