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Monday 9th April – 7.30pm

Tuesday 10th April – 7.30pm

Wednesday 11th April – 7.30pm

Thursday 12th April – 7.30pm

Friday 13th April – 7.30pm

Saturday 14th April – 3pm and 7.30pm

Cast: Amelia Parillon, Candice Morel, Noëlle Black, Winnie Arhin

Music: Dobromir Kisyov


Skewered by life. Four women, two plays and one fantasy world of unfulfilled dreams.

30 years on Clare McIntyre’s Low Level Panic still hits hard. Three flatmates live and reveal themselves in their bathroom, the central point of their confessions, the place where they bare all. Experience their secrets, fantasies and sexual desires.

In Candice Morel’s Cold Loneliness, the perfect image of an illustrious cabaret star of the 30s is shattered. She dances her life away, running from her life and what she’s lost.

Enjoy a night of burlesque, new music, and raw emotion, with the Paper Theatre’s very first production.

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Performance features strobe lighting and gunshot sound. Mature audience only.