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Saturday 10th March – 5.30pm
Saturday 10th March – 7.30pm


By Between Creatives
Written and devised Naomi Knox, Megan Vernon and Aimee Pollock

A collection of coming of age stories harvested from the souls of three individuals. These women are exposed to the shame, isolation and hatred that are deeply sewn within the world they know. By breaking the silence, a search for enlightenment begins… is it too late to discover the truth they are starved of?

‘The BC Gals’ met as undergraduates at Bath Spa University and graduated together in 2017 as actors with their very own collective. Passionate about storytelling and using their voices through art to make a positive difference, individually they are unique but together they rise.

Between Creatives are about to launch their collective with a night full of celebrations. Keep an eye on Twitter for details. They hope to see you there!