Maria Morena

Maria Morena Lion And Unicorn

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Thursday 1st June – 8:00pm
Friday 2nd June – 8:00pm
Saturday 3rd June – 8:00pm
Wednesday 12th July – 8:00pm
Thursday 13th July – 8:00pm
Friday 14th July – 8:00pm
Thursday 31st August – 8:00pm
Friday 1st September – 8:00pm
Saturday 2nd September – 8:00pm


Saturday 21st October – 7:00pm

Sunday 22nd October – 7:00pm

‘Maria Morena’ is not a conventional show. Over the past three years, feature film visual artist Diego Pastor and actor Angel Batalla have been working together to create a spectacular and surprising show that brings all the spectacle of the big theatre productions to small venues.

With original music and songs by composer Alex Paton, this musical comedy show tells the funny story of a young Spanish farm girl that travels to London to fulfil her dream of becoming a ‘Superstar’.

More than 2000 computer controlled LED lights, film digital special effects, neon lights, spectacularly designed costumes and a powerful inspiring message awaits you in one of the biggest productions ever seen on The Lion and Unicorn stage.

Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing something unique.

Performed by Angel Batalla

Directed by Diego Pastor

Music and lyrics by Alex Paton

Written by Diego Pastor and Angel Batalla

Additional music by Luis Costa

Choreographies by Duran Abdullah and Paula Puga

Lighting design by AJ Hardie

Technical Production by Roger Oller

Visual Effects by Diego Pastor and Santi Montero

Set design by Maria Jose Itarte

Produced by Maria Morena’s Dream Ltd.

Additional Cast:

Marco Canadea as Toni Ferrari

Simona Roman as ‘K’loe

Adam Hypki as Bart Wagner

Robin Osmain as Marlotte Van den Bergh

Laura Maclain as Steffani