loop The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

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Monday 7th Januuary – 7.30pm

Tuesday 8th January – 7.30pm

Wednesday 9th January – 7.30pm

Thursday 10th January – 7.30pm

Friday 11th January – 7.30pm

Saturday 12th January – 7.30pm

Monday 14th January – 7.30pm

Tuesday 15th January – 7.30pm

Wednesday 16th January – 7.30pm

Thursday 17th January – 7.30pm

Friday 18th January – 7.30pm

Saturday 19th January – 2.20pm and 7.30pm

Sunday 20th  January – 7.30pm

Loop centres on a barman, Chris, who is stuck in a  routine of running a bar day in day out and can’t seem to escape. He is on the verge of committing suicide when three regular customers barge in at closing time. They all have a lock in that quickly spirals out of control, and their personal demons are brought to the surface. The play explores depression and the various forms it can take, and in Chris’ case, male suicide,which in the UK is the biggest killer of men between the ages of 18-45.