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Monday 24th July– 7.30pm

Tuesday 25th July – 7.30pm

Potter & Wagner present

‘Leaf’ by Helen Potter

Mark is a chemical engineer. He loves chess. He lives with his mum. A teaching assistant has had it up to here with her own conscience. A caretaker grows tired of childrens’ vomit. Unfortunately, their story is constantly being interrupted by chaotic sketches, we see a French disco, a period drama and a very sad potato..? Leaf is quite possibly the theatrical spawn of Monty Python and the Mighty Boosh. Brace yourself.

Facebook: PotterandWagner
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/198556930

Created by Potter & Wagner
Director Helen Potter
Writer Helen Potter
Designer Nadine Froehlich
Composer Helen Potter and Carissa Wagner
Producer Carissa Wagner
Image Design Ed Theakston

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