In The Shadow Or In The Shelter:
6 Plays About The Irish in Britain

In The Shadow Or In The Shelter

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Monday 10th October

Double Bill:

7.15pm: Traitors, Cads and Cowards
8.15pm: Interval
8.30pm: Crows By Day Jackals By Night

Tuesday 11th October

Double Bill:

7.15pm: Women’s Work
8.15pm: Interval
8.30pm: Body and Blood

Wednesday 12th October

Matinee Double Bill:

2.30pm: Traitors, Cads and Cowards
3.30pm: Interval
3.45pm: Importance Of Being

Wednesday 12th October

Double Bill:

7.15pm: Importance Of Being
8.15pm: Interval
8.30pm: Just Above Dogs

Thursday 13th October

Double Bill:

7.15pm: Body and Blood
8.15pm: Interval
8.30pm: Women’s Work

Friday 14th October

Double Bill:

7.15pm: Traitors, Cads and Cowards
8.15pm: Interval
8.30pm: Crows By Day Jackals By Night

Saturday 15th October

Matinee Double Bill:

2.30pm: Women’s Work
3.30pm: Interval
3.45pm: Body and Blood

Saturday 15th October

Double Bill:

7.15pm: Importance Of Being
8.15pm: Interval
8.30pm: Just Above Dogs

Sunday 16th October

Matinee Double Bill:

2pm: Crows By Day Jackals By Night
3pm: Interval
3.15pm: Just Above Dogs
4.15pm: Festival End

“Ireland and Britain live both in the shadow and in the shelter of one another, and so it has been since the dawn of history” – Irish President Michael D Higgins, 2014

The relationship between Ireland and Britain has never been anything but complex. The Easter Rising of 1916, and the creation of the Irish Republic that followed, did nothing to simplify that connection.

‘In The Shadow Or The Shelter’ is a festival of new plays examining how this entanglement of nations, with all its many contradictions, has shaped the lives of the Irish men and women who arrived in Britain over the past century.


Traitors Cads and Cowards by Martin McNamara
Summer 1916-An Irish Volunteer, transported to the military wing of Wandsworth Prison following the Easter Rising, is bunked with a British army deserter and a conscientious objector. Can three very different ‘traitors to the King’ find common ground?
Alfred -Aidan Casey
Henry- Ben Waring
Liam -Shane Noone

Crows by Day Jackals by Night by Maureen Alcorn
Spring 1943-Donegal man, Tommy can’t wait to join the British forces fighting Hitler’s fascism. But will his high ideals survive his time in the Far East? And how will his young wife waiting in London for his return, cope with their time apart?
Colm – Liam Clarke
Aileen- Pamela Flanagan
Jimmy- Kieran Moriarty
Pegeen- Sorcha Brooks

Women’s Work by Anna May Mangan
Easter 2016- Eighty year old Nora forgets that she comes from Ireland; 25 year old Eilis doesn’t, but think she does. Stuck in the middle is daughter and mother Moya. How will these three generations cope over the Easter weekend and will Daniel O’Donnell ever show up?
Nora- Mary Sheen
Moya -Lesley Molony
Eilis – Helena Collins O’Connor

Body and Blood by Lorraine Mullaney
Easter 1956- As Aileen searches 1950s London for her runaway sister, will the people she meets encourage her to stay? Or will the pressure for an arranged marriage that drove Maeve away from the west of Ireland, force Aileen to return home?
Colm- Liam Clarke
Aileen – Pamela Flanagan
Jimmy – Tommy Walsh
Pegeen – Sorcha Brooks
Importance of Being by Anne Curtis
Easter 2006-Until two years ago Maeve’ garden was the best kept on the estate, now volunteer befriender Dawn must climb across junk and piles of newspapers to enter the flat. What happened to cause this change?
Maeve – Colette Kelly
Dawn – Orla Sanders

Just Above Dogs by Anne Curtis
March 2010- It is forty years since Mikey and Dec Carroll, left the West of Ireland to work on the building sites of England. Long estranged from each other, why is one of the brothers ending his days in a hostel for homeless men whilst the other has become a wealthy building contractor?
Mikey – Kevin Bohan
Cian-Kieran Moriarty

Reviews From Our Former Productions

Just Above Dogs
“Green Curtain gets to heart of the second generation Irish psyche and the often troubled lives of our forefathers, who paved the way for the community in Britain, with a deft touch. Both entertaining and emotional – Just above Dogs is a must see for the Irish of all generations.”
Fiona Audley, Irish Post

Traitors Cads and Cowards
“A stark, powerful performance that will linger with you long after you leave the theatre” ★★★★carnstheatrepassion

“A moving exploration of the effects of war and oppression” ★★★★ pubtheatres1

Craic in the Crypt
“Plenty of fun had at Craic in the Crypt in Harrow this evening! Putting religion firmly back on the conversation table, with an energetic cast and a good humoured mystery at its core. Nice work by Kevin Bohan and team.”
Fiona Audley, Irish Post, March 15, 2014

Reviews for “Your Ever Loving” by Martin Mc Namara
A brutal drama about one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history, based on the prison letters of Paul Hill, one of the Guildford Four

★★★★★ Basic Theatre Review ★★★★ London Box Office
★★★★ Grumpy Gay Critic ★★★★ Everything Theatre
★★★★ LondonPubTheatres ★★★★ LondonTheatre1
★★★★ CarnsTheatrePassion

“Your Ever Loving was completely brutal. I loved every moment of it” Northern Echo

“A promising play holds systematic injustice up for examination” The Stage