Heart Of A Dog


This play will be in Russian with English subtitles

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Sunday 3rd September  – 5pm

Monday 4th September  – 7.30pm

Tuesday 5th September  – 7.30pm


Heart of a Dog is a book by Mikhail Bulgakov. Dr. Philip Philippovich Preobrezhensky has something in common with the famous Dr. Frankenstein. Rather than building a man creature from human remains, Dr. Preobrezhensky creates a new species. He is considered to be one of the most brilliant physicians of his time. He decides to experiment on a stray dog that wanders into his life. By performing a surgery in which he transplants a few parts of the human brain into the dog, Dr. Preobrezhensky creates a more human-like being. The surgery is a success. However, there are many problems that arise from the doctor’s experiment

Theatre company: ART-VIC (Anglo Russian Theatre)
Tickets: £17.00 (can be bought via www.art-vic.com or www.seetickets.com/tour/heart-of-a-dog
Contact: info@art-vic.com