Hancock's Half Hour

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Monday 20th June – 8pm

Tuesday 21st June – 8pm

Wednesday 22nd June – 8pm

Thursday 23rd June – 8pm

Friday 24th June – 9.15pm

Saturday 25th June – 9.15pm

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hancock’s half hour, written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, James Hurn – a talented actor and impressionist – will be performing two great episodes of Hancock’s half hour, voicing the entire cast.

These are:

Sunday afternoon at home – Bored and miserable at home, the lad from East Cheam tries to decide what to do. Despite the suggestions from his friends and neighbours Hancock and chums find it very hard to pass the time on a wet dreary Sunday afternoon.

The 13th of the series – The lad gets triskaidekaphobic over the recording of the show between numbers 12 and 14. So with the threat of his contract being in jeopardy Hancock must call upon the aid of the spirits and omens to get him through this difficult time. Sidney James however sees this as a great opportunity to make some fast cash.

James will be performing this in the style of a radio performance in front of a live audience, bringing to life the classic days of radio comedy.

The original recordings were performed by Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Hattie Jacques, Bill Kerr and Kenneth Williams. With a fabulous array of colourful characters James Hurn is one man, many voices.

Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson and starring James Hurn

James Hurn is a talented UK actor and impressionist.

James is best known for his part in BBC2 Dead Ringers, BBC1 Scoop, BBC1 The Slammer, BBC1 Spoof, BBC1 Mrs Bradley Mysteries and his role as Jacobson in The Band of Brothers, directed by Tom Hanks. He has also put his voice talents to work in shows such Channel 4 Sven, The Coach The Cash and His Lovers where he took the title role and also Blaired Vision where he provided the voices for many British politicians and George Bush.

James has done numerous theatre roles, such as The extremely popular London West-End show The 39 Steps.
James starred as the voices of David Beckham and Prince William in BBC4 Radio play The Bid.

James has starred in two short films called Is it me and Today both directed by the very talented Robert Reina.
James has also worked on several projects with the talented Francine Lewis including a comedy sketch show for LIV TV.