Chastity Belt

Peta Lily

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Wednesday  5th July – 8pm

Thursday  6th July – 8pm

Friday 7th July – 8pm

Chastity Belt is a funny and provoking show set on the battle ground between trust and lust. Part comic confession, part one-woman Lysistrata, it asks: Could a sex strike end war? Is intimacy dangerous? Do Hags have more fun?

Veteran performer Peta Lily takes us on a cultural whirlwind as she resurrects the goddess Diana (but as an older woman), gives a startling evocation of Hindu Goddesses Durga and Kali, mourns the death of Matriarchy, celebrates Rakish behaviour and sings her heart out in a pell mell 60 minute show.

Chastity Belt is a journey through shifting perspectives on Chastity. In the midst of our ‘over-sexualized society’ one woman has decided to pack up the pleasures of the past and embrace a new view on life. Swerving smoothly between sour grapes and celebration, she hosts her audience along on a journey from the personal to the historical and mythic and back again. She counts her ex-lovers, channels the goddess Artemis and updates Lysistrata.

Using rhythmic wordscapes, comic confession, clever re-takes on old stories and striking visuals, the piece punctures a few taboos, informs, delights, unites and moves its audience. The bittersweet imagery of lemons mingle with occasional raunchy blues numbers and torch songs.

Enchanting, funny and poignant. Lily deals skillfully with women’s issues which are not spoken about enough – Chastity Belt is edgy, charismatic, witty and thought provoking. Linda Marlowe

Intelligent, provocative, well-crafted and very funny. Dave Whybrow, Artistic Director, Cockpit Theatre

A sharp eye sharp and dangerously wicked emotional truth. Mark Courtice, Theatre Royal, Winchester

Audience Response to Chastity Belt: groundbreaking and inspiring ● hilarious – she has the whole audience on the palm of her hand ● powerful writing and effortless ad libs ● so much to think about ● the richness of the language and the rhythm of the poetry is amazing – we listened intently, eager not to miss a word ● profound and funny ● delectable performance ● brave, fresh material ● superb writing ● sharp, sassy, insightful, power-full! ● intelligent wit and astute social commentary ● creative, original, and raunchy (in a very chaste way!) ● poignant, and insightful

Lily is an award-winning performer/theater maker, known for her solo career with consistently well-reviewed shows including Frightened of Nothing, Wendy Darling, Beg, Topless, Midriff and Invocation, as well as collaborations with the David Glass Ensemble and Claire Dowie. She has toured the UK, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Europe.

This master-ess of the solo show and performing veteran has been known to take her audience effortlessly from laughter to tears and back again and to surprise, delight and provoke with clever content and an effortless blending of performance styles.

She has written three plays one of which was short-listed for the Verity Bargate Award. She recently worked as Dark Clown consultant for Acrojou’s new show Wake and also for Jammy Voo’s show Birdhouse.

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View Video:
This is a 15 minute version of the show material in a scratch performance at Theatre in the Pound at The Cockpit Theatre, London in 2012
you will need the password which is : peta.
Please do give it a few minutes to upload before viewing to allow sound time to synch up.
Duration: 1 hour no interval
Suitability: 16 yrs and up – some adult language but no really naughty words