Blink Of An Eye

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Wednesday 26th July  – 7.30pm

Thursday 27th July  – 7.30pm

Friday 28th July – 7.30pm

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Sunday 30th July – 7.30pm

Blink Of An Eye

Written and Directed by Terry Gee

A tale of modern gay London; where dreams live and die and everything changes in the blink of an eye.

This brand new musical follows a young, gay man as he journeys through life with his eyes wide shut.

Blink of an Eye is a brand new musical written by Terry Gee with arrangements and additional lyrics by Andy Collyer. It is funny, emotional and compelling; a snapshot of modern gay life from one man’s perspective.

Themes in this show are aimed at a mature audience and not suitable for under 16s

Terry Gee – Writer and Director

Terry Gee_bio

Terry Gee grew up in the 1980s and spent a lot of his childhood writing and performing. On leaving school, he joined a local Television production company and within a year was directing a show for Yorkshire Television. At 18, Terry joined a pop group and moved to London. A few months later, the group disbanded and he returned to his native Yorkshire, becoming the editor of a national gay publication.

Throughout his life, Terry has been a writer for various publications and now devotes all of his time to working on his own novels and plays in his spare time. Treading boards across the world as a musical theatre performer taught him a lot about the stage and this combination of skills and experience has produced Terry’s first show: Blink of an Eye

Andy Collyer – Arrangements, Additional Music and Lyrics
Nicholas Norman – Choreographer

Andy Collier
Andy Collier
Nicholas Norman
Nicholas Norman

Andy Collyer – Arrangements, Additional Music and Lyrics

I was delighted to be asked to collaborate on this project. I am passionate about new musical theatre writing and, through a series of events linked by Katy Lipson of Aria Entertainment, Terry asked me to work with him on making this show, and I took it on, because I thought that what Terry has to say is important; ‘It’s easy to wonder what life is all about’, but finding the answer is tricky – for all of us.

Recent London credits include: The Toyboy Diaries (Music and Lyrics, Book by Simon Warne), based on the memoirs of Wendy Salisbury (Tristan Bates Theatre); The Verb, ‘To Love’ (Music, Lyrics and Book, Old Red Lion Theatre); The MGM Story (UK Tour); Jewish Legends, The Jewish Legacy and The Great Jewish American Songbook (Arrangements, Books by Chris Burgess, various venues including Upstairs at the Gatehouse and The Radlett Centre); Claus (Music and Lyrics, Landor Theatre, Book by Simon Warne); Accidental Songs: The Words and Music of Andy Collyer (Landor Theatre); Devilish! (Arrangements; Book and Lyrics by Chris Burgess, music by BB Cooper, Landor).

Nicholas Norman – Choreographer

Nicholas began his training in London where he gained a scholarship to study Dance and Musical Theatre at the Urdang Academy in Covent Garden. As a performer, his theatre credits include, Disney’s ‘The Lion King’, and ‘Fame’ the musical. Nicholas worked extensively for the BBC on voice-overs and as a dancer for artists such as Gloria Estefan, Leona Lewis and Beverley Knight.
Nicholas has a Masters Degree in Professional Practice Arts Management and has been working as a Choreographer and University Associate Lecturer, creating dance for productions and companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuwait, Nation Theatre of Nice (France), The Hackney Empire London and Wycombe swan Theatre (UK). Nicholas is delighted to work with such a talented Cast and Creative on Blink of an Eye.



Cast Blink Of An Eye


Steven plays Jake Faldon, the main protagonist of Blink of an Eye.

“I was born and raised in Ipswich. As a child I would hear my sister sing which made me want to sing. I never realised I could be a performer and originally I wanted to be a marine biologist, far from where I ended up.

When I was 11, I saw The Lion King – my first West End musical. I watched in awe and just kept thinking how much I wanted to be part of it. At 13, I decided to join an amateur theatre company called Co-Op Juniors, where I played various roles including Munkustrap in Cats. My next big step was auditioning and securing a place at Bird College when I was 18 to pursue a career as a performer. I recently turned 21 and about to graduate from Bird College.

I have the pleasure of joining the cast of Blink of an Eye and playing the role of Jake. The show is so wonderfully written that it’s humorous but gives a realistic insight into different areas of the LGBT community, breaking the stereotypes of how gay men are perceived through the eyes of Jake. I feel the important message that this show gives across is of the emotional journey and its effects from the temptations we all experience through life.”


Hannah plays Jasmine Colby, Jake’s best friend.

“I was raised in a very musical family and took part in amateur dramatics from the age of 4.

Acting has always been important to my life and there are many aspects of the craft that led me to pursue it as a career. For me, acting through song is such a thrill – I love to use the musicality of a song to work out how a character is feeling. Also, the joy of working with a cast and crew is like no other.

I am thrilled that Blink of An Eye is to be my first professional show, as it’s great to feel like you are sharing an important message and doing it both through music and comedy is fantastic.

I can’t wait to start rehearsals and get to know Jasmine a bit more!”


Brandon plays Spark, a young man who falls in love with Jake.

“I grew up in Cornwall with my family who are not from a theatrical background at all. My first break came after playing Frankenstein’s monster in ‘Mary and Frankie’ when I was 9. A parent approached me after the show and said I should audition for the local theatre group and was the catalyst of my acting career.

I recently graduated from The Arts Educational School. Whilst training, I was fortunate enough to perform as part of the Olivier Awards choir, at Sondheim’s 85th Birthday celebrations at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and with the BBC for their D-Day 70th anniversary celebration at the Royal Albert Hall.

I have also done some work for E! Network’s ‘The Royals’ and appeared in Ben Adams’ new musical ‘Eugenius’. Most recently, I was cast as Harry in ‘When Harry met Barry’ at Above the Stag Theatre directed by the lovely Steven Dexter.

‘Blink of an Eye’ stood out to me because it really tells the story of life right now and a side of gay life which I’m sure lots of people have they’re own opinions on. The show allows the audience to connect and journey with the characters who, despite their behaviour when on the scene also reveal they’re true human qualities. It not only shows the wild side of this life but really cracks it open showing the highs and lows both sides of the party!”


Tré plays Tyler Jones: a serial clubber, lover and self-professed man-magnet.

“Hi, good morning, good afternoon, good evening all, the name is Tré Joshua Anthony Copeland-Williams. Yes, it is a mouthful!

I’m 22 years young and I love performing, entertaining and anything to do with making people laugh or cry. I live in the present, so to me it is never too late to become anything I want. As well as acting, I create music, I dance like nobody is watching and I have my own clothing line called N.E.W© (Never Ending Winners®).

I want to be as successful as possible and am willing to push my hardest to achieve my goals and become the biggest and best actor I can be.

Stage roles I have played include Billy Bigelow in Carousel, Tyrone in Fame, Billy Flynn in Chicago, Mr Black in The Wild Party and Theodore in Strange Land, a play created for our final university production. My television and film credits include the latest Sainsbury’s dancing food advert, a MTV advert highlighting relationship abuse, a Live at the Electric episode, a short film called Last Christmas and a short film called Kick About.”


Harry plays Charlie Frost, Jake’s first boyfriend.

“I don’t think there’s been a time since the womb when I didn’t love acting, music and performance, it’s always been something I’ve delighted in and I fully intend to continue to learn and grow within this industry forever. After graduating from Exeter University where I studied drama, I completed a further MA in Acting at Guildford School of Acting. I have since been professionally working in London on both stage and screen with established companies such as ITV, BT Sport, Southwark Playhouse The Rose Playhouse, Actor Awareness, StoneCrabs Theatre, HyneSight Films, ThumbsUp Productions and Chalkboard TV. I am also a member of Director’s Cut Theatre’s Actor’s Club and a singer in the professional choir, London Contemporary Voices.

Despite having many gay friends and work colleagues, I find myself to have been rather unfamiliar with the gay community and what it actually means to be a gay person living in today’s society. As with any movement or culture, when people don’t know a lot about it they fill the gaps in their knowledge with snap judgements and stereotypes which is never a good thing and only leads to the kind of ignorance the gay community faces on a daily basis. What initially drew me to Terry’s work was that it offers a refreshingly clear and justly unashamed portrayal of what it is to be gay today and the struggle many people go through to find their identity. I see working on “Blink of an Eye” not just as a fantastic performance opportunity but as an effective way to expand my awareness and empathy with the gay community and in turn to pass that on to everyone watching.”