BackPAGE The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Trigger Warning

This production is based around the accounts of survivors of human trafficking and contains scenes that may be particularly distressing for some audience members. If you feel there are certain issues or actions that can cause extreme distress and would like to speak to us to find out more about the show before booking, please email the Director, Matthew Emeny, on

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Thurday 7th Feb – 8pm

Friday 8th Feb – 8pm

Saturday 9th Feb  – 8pm

Sunday 10th Feb – 8pm

Monday 11th Feb – 8pm

Tuesday 12th Feb – 8pm

Wednesday 13th Feb – 8pm

Wednesday 13th 8pm

Lucky’s dad is a prick. Her mum’s dead. Her boyfriends legged it. And she is not staying around in SmallTown to end up like all the other wasters.  With a new job lined up in BigCity, this is going to be the start off the rest of her life. Alone, enslaved, tied up and terrified. BackPAGE has her now and its never been easier…

Brand new Ensemble Company, Calf 2 Cow, led by theatre-maker Matthew Emeny, present this night of “Insane theatre”. Originally titled Journey, performing to sell out crowds and receiving critical and audience acclaim during SparkFest Bath 2018.

BackPAGE is a play that exposes how one simple mistake can make us vanish into a world of slavery.