Camden Fringe 2017


Camden Fringe 2017 will run from the 31st July to the 27th August. Our shows are listed according to the week in which they commence

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Victory Day

31st July-»6th August

Six students spend a day getting ready to go to a party. Meanwhile, tensions mount between Cameron's England and Putin's Russia. Upon the teenagers' arrival to the party, Russian planes drop bombs on England, killing everyone involved. Sasha Dulerayn's Victory Day is a surreal, cathartic spectacle of hedonism, violence, love and flashing lights



31st July-»2nd August

Lad's mag Doghouse is in trouble: after mistakenly featuring a topless image of an underage girl, her father threatens to bring down the magazine. At women's fashion weekly Electra, an intern discovers unsettling parallels between the two - forcing him to choose between compromising his values, or yet another unpaid internship he cannot afford


Stories from the Circle

31st July

Stories from the Circle is a devised comedy by community theatre group Benchmark. Following the recent ad in the Kentish Town Weekly, Brenda and Lilly are surprised to see a large number of new faces at the support group. The audience are taken on a journey through the, at times somewhat unusual, issues that face the group


Skin Deep

31st July-»6th August

Myth. Matriarch. Murderer. Elizabeth Bathory was one of the most powerful women in sixteenth century Europe; heir to a powerful dynasty, wife of a decorated war-hero and countess of a vast fortune. She later became a sadistic serial killer - allegedly killing nearly 600 young women in cold blood. Skin Deep explores faith, power, sexuality and a touch of the paranormal to investigate Bathory's friendships, her struggles with the societal confines of her existence and what really makes a murderer


The Community

1st August-»5th August

The Community is a dystopian comedy about the last survivors on Earth's struggles to keep going in spite of pessimism, totalitarianism and admin. After a cataclysmic event has reduced the surface to an irradiated wasteland, humanity must live on in a vast underground society where freedom of thought has been eradicated, mandatory euthanasia is a normal part of life and birthday cakes are strictly prohibited. Though it is a radiation-free


Blue Print

3rd August-»6th August

Highlighting this generations perception of contemporary society and the challenges and opportunities that are faced, Blue Print, is a showcase of multiple physical and naturalistic plays written by Kingston University students. Directed and performed by the new and upcoming theatre company, Dinghy Theatre



5th August-»7th August

The connection between body and mind is something we all experience but what happens when we disrupt these connections. Living in an ever-changing world of politics, social acceptance and drive for habitual stability, Inhabitant explores what happens to our internal connections when our external ones seem to be drifting further and further apart


The Pursuit of App-iness

6th August-»13th August

Finding herself floundering in a post-graduate 'Millennial' sea of anxiety and depression, comedian Miztli Rose Neville decided that it was time to get happy. Then she had a techno-revolutionary thought; what if the six pillars of joy could be built using the apps on her smartphone? Join Miztli as she embarks on a spiritual voyage like no other!



8th August

Four unique pieces of new writing by emerging writers interwoven to create a seamless performance. Each monologue or duologue will reveal an important secret; shedding light on how secrets can excite, damage, challenge, surprise and change lives


Trench Kiss

9th August-»18th August

Sally and Jim are on holiday in Flanders. Jim wanted to go to Belgium to fulfill his obsession with the First World War and to figure out the unknown fate of his grandfather. Whilst Sally and Jim are looking at gravestones Sally is confronted by Jasper Everly. Jasper seems odd. The way he speaks and the clothes he wears; there's something not quite right about Jasper - but what? This play has a interesting twist that makes it heartwarming and hilariously funny. Trench Kiss is a short one-act play with three actors. So if you want to have a laugh, welcome to Mosaic Theatre Company's performance of Trench Kiss


Now, for the Show!

9th August-

An hour of explosively funny sketches from the future of comedy! Students of the National Film and Television School perform a collection of irreverent sketches and bombastic performances. See them now before they're (in)famous! Proceeds of all ticket sales will go to charity

Between a Man and a Woman

9th August-»12th August

To the outside world, Polly and Tom seem to represent the normal married couple; successful, loving and happy. But behind closed doors, not all is what it seems. This fast paced drama deals with violence in the home and asks the question - what can the absence of love do to someone? Does abuse breed abuse? "Always gripping" **** LondonTheatre1



11th August-»12th August

A surreal promoter takes marketing slogans very seriously, and feeds her day job with her unspoken dream to become an artist, which links to her inner hopes and beliefs. She wants to make a difference by building an honest relationship with her customers, but has to come across each and everyone's often contrasting priorities and reconsider her own


Neighbourhood Watch

12th August-»13th August

Part satire, part parody and hugely funny, Neighbourhood Watch is classic Ayckbourn. It rivets attention throughout and is as perceptive as it is entertaining. The play was written in 2010 and first performed in August 2011. Its theme of the middle classes' fear of feral youth seemed uncannily prescient as English cities were, in that month, being set ablaze by disillusioned rioters. The Bluebell Hill Neighbourhood Watch group's solution of building a high fence to keep the unruly neighbours at bay

Xi Xiang Ji

Xi Xiang Ji

13th August-»15th August

Set in the Tang Dynasty, Xi Xiang Ji (Romance of the West Chamber) tells the story of a secret love affair, in a monastery, between a high-ranking beauty and a lowly scholar. Tensions arise when life or death obstacles befall them. Torn between love and honour, the two must fight for their survival and for each other, with the help of the maid

The Mosquito and the Bear

14th August»15th August

A bear faces the loss of a burrito as an annoying mosquito starts buzzing around. The scared and tormented bear embarks on a journey through the exploration of sexuality and self-acceptance in an adult's fairy-tale like setting. A solo show filled with campy comedy, dark tones, post-modernist film references and new writing



15th August-»17th August

Anca Vaida and Laetitia Coulson in MUM! Written by Karen Morden and Ginny Evans-Pollard. Director Ginny Evans-Pollard. Composer Yuval Havkin. Produced by Creative Linguist Productions. Based on real events, tragicomedy Mum explores loss and mental illness. It's hidden and lonely, but often the darkest of times take us to the most comedic of times. After losing her mum, Emma struggles. Deluded she strikes up a romantic relationship with her mannequin, Yasmin. The couple face challenges: what will become of this odd partnership?



16th August-»18th August

Equality 7-2521 lives in a world where the candle was invented 100 years ago, where calling someone your friend is a great Transgression of Preference, where men may not even think of women save at the Time of Mating. There is no such thing as the word 'I'. Inspired by Ayn Rand's short novel Anthem, a story about identity and individualism

Monologues of a Tired Nurse

16th August-»19th August

"Pointed, Insightful and infused with comical lines" **** London Pub Theatres Two NHS workers on the frontline struggling to cope with the pressures of the mounting paperwork and stress. Short staffed and underpaid these two nurses meet and tell the story of nursing in the modern day. A candid look at what it is to be a nurse written by a nurse


The Edge

18th August-»19th August

What price do we pay for the comforts of our life? Is our life anything more than a tool keeping the machine going? The Edge is a thought provoking and immersive political theatre piece in which two worlds come together to address the themes that society likes to sweep under the carpet. Audience participation is key for this performance



19th August-»27th August

A short, one woman piece, written and performed by Julia Pagett. A stark, painful and compelling story which draws upon the dangers of distortion, reality and perception. Delving into the complex and sometimes incomprehensible bond of twins



19th August-»22nd August

In a world of barbed wire fences and concrete walls, what can one do but dream of world outside the borders? Set in a fictional land, Pilgrimmage follows a group of individuals as they adventure on a perilous journey to explore what's on the outside. Will it be just like the amazing stories? Or will it all be too good to be true?

Sparky TKO: Mansplaining

20th August-

Sparky's new narrative adventure (not geographical per se) through song and poem explores the shouldn't-actually-be-that-complex-but-is topic of gender - the problems with binary perspectives, the ongoing pursuits of equality, and just what his obsession with his arch nemesis is. How can the privileged work to support a more level playing field?


Questions of Terrorism and Repression

21st Aug-»27th August

Radical Italian playwrights Dario Fo and Franca Rame, described these three monologues as "obscenely tragic with the obscenity of our times". In them, they give a loud and lasting voice to three real life women who have been silenced by society. Questions of Terrorism and Repression is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd



21st August-»22nd August

A darkly comic exploration of sexual, moral and social issues, told through the eyes of a group of teenagers. As heart warming as it is brutal, this coming of age play shows just how much our society can transform and mould our youth, and just how much that can have devastating outcomes

hot mess


22nd August-»26th August

Twins, Polo and Twitch are celebrating their 25th birthday on a big night out. Born with only one heart between them: Polo is not looking to be loved and Twitch can do nothing but. Join them on their raunchy night out with trips down memory lane, pumping music and plenty of laughs. From the playwright, Ella Hickson, who brought you OIL and EIGHT


The Iliad

24th August-»26th August

It was the tenth year of the siege of Troy, the year the soothsayers had predicted the city would fall. The mightiest Princes of Ancient Greece are still camped in their thousand black, beached ships on the shore beneath the plain that leads to the high walls of Troy.Clare Goodall, award winning storyteller and musician, tells her own adaptation of this epic tale of love, tragedy and loss. In just fifty minutes, Helen of Troy, Achilles, Odysseus, Hector, and others come vividly to life to strive for glory, honour, love, freedom or peace. Some win, some lose and many die brutally in bloodshed



25th August-»27th August

Hood is a contemporary ballet with original music, based on a modern adaptation of two beloved German stories: Faust and Little Red Riding Hood. Featuring Tchaikovsky-esque electroacoustic music, theatrical dance, string quartets and elements of cabaret, Hood examines the relevance of tradition in our society through temptation and the taboo


Am I if?

27th August-

Am I a feminist if I don't shave my armpits? Or am I if I do? You're 21 years old, or, as some say, in the midst of womanhood (whatever that means!) Everything around you is changing all and you are trying to keep afloat. Am I if? aims to express the confusions and ramblings that go on inside the head of a 21 year old in the 21st century



27th August-

P.A.T.S. reflects on the universal sense of love and sex and the paradoxical and dualistic nature of memories going between reality and the doubting of remembered events. Revealing the human tendency to change and distort the past while at the same recognizing this pattern in order to cope with our present selves